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Hello I’m Marc Kloepfel.

Welcome to my digital space! As an enthusiast deeply rooted in the supply chain sphere, my areas of expertise encompass procurement and logistics. 

Through this website and my social media profiles, I aim to share my knowledge and experiences with fellow professionals in the supply chain domain, hoping to contribute to our collective growth and success.

Don't Wait for Opportunities, Create them!!

Hailing from Germany, Marc Kloepfel is a seasoned expert in supply chain management, specializing in procurement and logistics. His journey in procurement took a pivotal turn in 2007 when he, alongside Efe Duran Sarikaya, laid the foundation for Kloepfel Consulting. This purchasing consultancy firm, under Marc's leadership, has flourished, extending its influence across Austria, Poland, Switzerland, and Slovakia.

Marc's role in Kloepfel Consulting is not just limited to leadership; but his strategic guidance has led the firm towards innovation and efficiency. His hands-on approach in project management has seen the company through over 15 years of transformative growth across diverse industries. Throughout his career, Marc has represented the supply chain sector at numerous international forums, engaging in discussions and sharing knowledge through podcasts and interviews with other experts
Marc extends his business expertise globally, impacting organizations with his insights into purchasing operations and showcasing his acumen through investments in real estate across Germany, Poland, and the UAE and in startups worldwide. Marc's life outside the boardroom is as dynamic as his professional endeavors. An avid traveler, he has travelled most of the globe, immersing himself in the cultures of the countries he visits. This love for exploration is matched by his enthusiasm for authentic regional cuisines, making each of his journeys a culinary adventure as well.

Marc Kloepfel's multifaceted career and interests paint the picture of a leader not just excelling in his field but also contributing significantly to the broader community. His website is a medium to offer insights, stories, and lessons from an excellent journey in procurement and beyond.
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